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E-Billing Information

An e-bill notification, with a link to open the St. Norbert College billing statement, is sent to the student's SNC email or any authorized proxy’s email on a monthly basis.  In addition to tuition, fees, room and board, some examples of other charges appearing on the billing statement include bookstore, utilities, copy charges, parking permits and parking fines.

Academic year costs and financial aid credits are applied by the semester, with the fall semester payment due August 1 and the spring semester payment due January 2. It is the student's responsibility to view their e-bill and, if necessary, forward on to their bill payer. Any charges or credits applied to the student’s account after the initial semester bill will appear on the next month’s billing statement.

All past due amounts are subject to a one percent per month (12% annually) late payment penalty. Students will not be issued official grade transcripts or be permitted to register for succeeding semesters until such time as all charges have been paid-in-full, regardless of payment plan participation. Diplomas will not be issued unless all fees have been satisfied and exit requirements (Stafford and Perkins Loan recipients) have been met.

Following are some common E-Billing FAQ’s:

What is e-billing?
It is an electronic method of communicating when a billing statement is available.

Why does St. Norbert College utilize e-billing?
E-billing improves convenience and service to families, reduces cost, follows the Norbertine tradition for environmental sustainability, and provides earlier access than paper bills to billing information.  E-billing also offers the following benefits:

  • The flexibility of viewing your bill electronically from any location via the internet.
  • The option of granting proxy for authorized users, such as a parent, guardian, or sponsor, to view and pay the bill.
  • The ability to receive your tuition bills quicker with email notification.
  • The option of viewing your current balance/activity as well as an online statement history.
  • The ability to access and print a pdf of the bill for any month. 

Can I have the bills sent to my personal email?
All official emails are communicated through a student’s St. Norbert College email address.  This includes all emails from the Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar’s offices regarding important academic information.  Emails from these offices are only going to be sent to a students’ official St. Norbert College email address.  If a student wants these notifications to go to their personal email they will need to forward their St. Norbert College email to their preferred email address.

Can I have the bills sent to my parents email?
Yes, you can provide Proxy access to your Billing Statements in KnightLine to anyone, including your parent(s).  For more information and directions on proxy access click here.

How does KnightLine e-billing work?
Students and any proxy authorized to view Billing Statements will receive a notification at their email address whenever an online bill is ready for viewing.  It is important to note that it is the student’s responsibility to forward this e-bill to any parent or other person who does not have proxy access.  As a general guideline, bills are processed approximately the 10th of the month, due the 1st of the following month.

How do I get to my statement to make a payment?
Students and any authorized KnightLine proxy users should do the following: Go to


  • Enter the Campus Login area with your SNC User Name and Password
  • Go to Bursar
  • Click on Billing Statements
  • Select the most recent e-bill or Statement to view. The bill will appear on a new screen in a “txt” format

KnightLine Proxy users:

  • Enter Proxy Access with your e-mail address and password
  • Select the named tab of the student you want access to
  • Click on Bursar: Billing Statements (The bill will appear on a new screen in a “txt” format)
  • Select the most recent e-bill or Statement to view

There are links on the Billing Statement tab page for making an online payment and/or for enrolling in a recognized SNC payment plan.
Note:  It is the student’s responsibility to forward the e-bill to any parent or other person who does not have proxy access.  

What if my billing statement does not list my FAFSA grants, scholarships, or Federal Loan(s) credits?
You should first check the Account Detail for Semester in KnightLine, Bursar tab for any updated account transactions since your last e-bill.  If you still do not show any portion of your FAFSA award, go to the Financial Aid tab in KnightLine.  This shows messages pertaining to your aid award, where you need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions for your FAFSA award, and whether an offered loan needs to be accepted.  For further questions on your financial aid award, e mail or call 920-403-3071.

What if my billing statement does not list my alternative loan and/or outside scholarship?
Any alternative loans and/or outside scholarship(s) are posted once the college has received the payment.  

Once the alternative bank loan process is completed by the borrower(s) the semester payment is sent and disbursed to your college account.  Any loan completed before early August or early January is sent approximately 10 days prior to the first day of the semester.  Loans completed near or during the semester are sent approximately 10 days after the loan is finalized.

Outside scholarships are received throughout the semester, with the majority received before September 1st.   If your college account does not reflect this payment by September 1st, you should contact the scholarship source to confirm that it was mailed.  In the event it is being sent later in the semester, or after the completion of your first semester, families should budget and apply this award toward the spring semester bill.

What if my tuition statement shows a late charge Is it possible to have it removed?
Applications for financial aid are due on July 1. In the event that all paperwork was completed by this due date and the late fee was only assessed on the pending financial aid balance, your account will be reviewed for removal of the late payment penalty. The late payment charge is 1% per month.

How do I create a Proxy or Authorized User?
For information on how to create a Proxy, or allow access to parents or other third parties, please see the KnightLine Proxy page and instructions.

How can I or my parents make an online payment?
St. Norbert College accepts online payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), checking, or savings account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Checking, savings, and credit card account information from a bank within the United States can be entered on the online payment link.  Payments are then submitted electronically to St. Norbert College. 

Parents and authorized users can also print the bill and send a check or money order (no cash) made payable to St. Norbert College through the mail to the following address:

St. Norbert College
Bursar Office
100 Grant St
De Pere, WI 54115

Be sure to include a copy of the KnightLine e-bill with your payment, or list your student’s name and St. Norbert College ID number on the check memo line. 

Foreign checks must be sent for collection and are subject to exchanges rates and collection fees; therefore we recommend using Flywire and their wire payment service if you cannot pay your bill in US$ through a bank account in the United States.

Payments made via Flywire (in U.S. dollars) should be made at least 7 days in advance of the due date and must include the student's full name and St. Norbert College ID number.  Please click on the link above for payment instructions. 

I am a Proxy Authorized User, but I did not receive the KnightLine e-bill?
You should verify that the e-mail address listed for the student you have access to is correct.  If you recently changed your e-mail address the student is required to update this new email address in their SNC KnightLine Account under the KnightLine Proxy Access Tab.  

Once updated, as a Proxy you can check on the student’s KnightLine Bursar Billing Statement account at any time to view the most recent KnightLine e-bill processed. 

Note that the due date for St. Norbert College monthly bills is the 1st of the month. 

I am having trouble logging in as a Proxy and I know I am using the correct password. What is the issue?
User name and password are case sensitive.  Often the entry is incorrect because of a lowercase/uppercase mismatch.  If you are unsure, contact the student you are a Proxy for and ask them to reset your password. Once the student you are a proxy for resets your password, an email will immediately be sent to you with the login instructions and a temporary password.

I pay my tuition using the payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). How will KnightLine e-billing reflect this?
Once you enroll in the monthly payment plan, the Bursar Office will notate this enrollment on your account.  You will receive a bill monthly from TMS and you should make your TMS payments directly to TMS. 

You will also receive a KnightLine e-bill from the college until all of your TMS payments have been received and fully credited to the college. Please review every e-bill that you receive from the college as the bill may reflect additional charges or credits that were not included in your monthly payment plan. Any balances due after deducting your remaining TMS contract amount is payable directly to the college upon receipt of your KnightLine e-bill.

Will I be able to see immediate account charges or credits on the KnightLine e-bill?
No. The e-bill is an image of the student account as of the specific bill date. To view transactions posted to the student account in between KnightLine e-bills, including confirmation of payment received, please view Account Detail by Semester under Bursar. 

I need an official billing statement for a third party (insurance carrier, employer, outside scholarship agency, etc.). Can I get this from KnightLine?
Yes. Please go to the Bursar tab, Billing Statement. This will include all e-bills that have been created in a pdf format which you can print out for your use.

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