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Campus Emergency Notification System (CENS)


All students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to register their phone number(s) for emergency notifications. By default, your campus landline phone and St. Norbert College email address are enrolled automatically. For your own personal safety, we strongly encourage you to register your mobile devices. The technology used allows for mobile phones to be notified first in the event of an emergency. The phone number(s) you provide will be used for emergency communication only.

Although registration is completely voluntary, we hope that all students, faculty, and staff will take advantage of the increased security and rapid communication the campus emergency notification system offers.

To review, change, and/or add your campus emergency phone number, see the Update CENS Phone # job aid.

To review your campus emergency phone numbers, visit: 
1. Access your Personal Information by clicking on My Profile in the Personal Information menu.
2. Scroll down to the Phone Number section.
3. Review the Campus Emergency Cellphone 1 & Campus Emergency Textline 1 phone number(s) listed. 
Note: The "Campus Emergency TextLine 1" number is the fastest way for our emergency notification system to send you the emergency message. If you don't see a "Campus Emergency TextLine 1" listed, follow step 4 to add one.
4. To add or edit a phone number, please submit a written request to the registrar office.

About CENS
In an effort to consistently improve emergency response procedures, St. Norbert College has an emergency notification system that allows college administrators to send time-sensitive notifications from one input source out to the St. Norbert College community.

The campus emergency notification system helps us provide a safer environment, and enhanced emergency communication and keeps our students, staff, and faculty better informed.

How It Works
In case of an emergency on or near campus, St. Norbert College administrators will send out an emergency message. The message will be broadcast through all or a variety of mediums available. (voice, text, email, computer and digital signage pop-ups, and our public address system)

Emergency notifications will be limited to such things as severe weather alerts, emergency building concerns, intruders, or potential pandemics. The system will be tested periodically throughout the year.

The cost of the notification system is about $3 per community member and will be paid for by the college. Text notifications may incur a charge, depending on your cellular plan. Please check with your cellular service provider.

If you have questions about our campus emergency notification system, please contact Eric Dunning, Director of Campus Safety at 920-403-1346.

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