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Bias Incident Response Group (BIRG)

The Bias Incident Response Group is called together on behalf of the Committee of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to recommend a protocol for the reporting of a response to incidents of bias or incivility connected to culture, race, gender, orientation or ethnicity.

Committee Co Chairs:
Cheryl Carpenter-Siegel and Corday Goddard

Committee Members:  
Amanda Kim, Bridgit Martin, Shelly Mumma and Mike Peckham, Stephen Rupsch, Ivy Summers, and Alaina Morales
The following image is a picture of brochure entitled, "Bias Incident Response", which is provided to the SNC community.  If you would like copies of this brochure sent to you, please email For the accessible, full text of the brochure please continue scrolling down the page below this image.

Title: Bias Incident Response
What is a bias incident?
A bias incident involved behavior that is hostile, harassing, intimidating, or discriminatory and is based on actual or perceived race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability or other difference, but that does not rise to the level of a crime.
Examples of a bias incident:
  • A verbal slur yelled out to a student walking by.
  • A tweet about a student asserting that they don't have a right to be at this college.

What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is any bias incident that involves a crime of violence, property damage or threat. According to deferal and Wisconsin laws, that can include:

  • Written graffiti on the side of a student's car.
  • A social media post threatening to assault a specific individual because of their membership in a protected category.

What should you do if a bias incident or hate crime occurs?

  1. If you are injured, or fear immediate physical harm, call 911 or Campus Safety at 403-3299.
  2. Document (what, who, where, when) as much as possible.
  3. Contact the Bias Incident Response Group (BIRG) for assistance. 
  •; or 
  • Corday Goddard at, 403-1351.
4. If you want to make an anonymous report, please go to
What does BIRG do?
  • Provides support/education.
  • Talks about potential options for responding to or dealing with situations of bias.
  • Collects statistical data on behalf of the SNC community.
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