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The Honors Experience

Asking questions and never settling for less than the best are standard practice for honors students. Here’s how the honors experience at St. Norbert takes shape.

The First-Year Difference
First-year honors students live together in Bergstrom Hall, where they actively engage in building a community of students scholars. They also enroll in the honors common course (Honors 101). This one-semester course satisfies the Intensive-Writing component of the Core Curriculum as well as serving as the foundational course for the Honors Program. Emphasis is placed on critical-thinking skills, communication skills and information literacy. A summer reading assignment helps prepare students for the course.

The Honors Curriculum
Honors students enroll in honors-only sections of St. Norbert College’s foundation courses, Theological Foundations and Philosophical Foundations in the Study of Human Nature, during the second semester of their first year and the first semester of their sophomore year.

During the following semesters, honors students choose from a selection of honors-based courses, usually enrolling in one per semester. These small discussion-based classes, nearly all of which satisfy a Core Curriculum requirement, provide students with a challenging classroom environment that offers extensive interaction with the professor as well as with the other students. In the spring semester of their sophomore year, many honors students enroll in Honors 301: Life After SNC. This course is designed to thoroughly prepare students considering post-graduate studies. Honors students may substitute Honors Tutorials, study abroad, student-teaching abroad, an Honors Global Seminar or the Washington Semester for up to two semesters of honors coursework. 

For more detailed information about admission requirements, please visit Admission to the Honors Program.


Honors First-Year Experience
Wondering what life is like for an honors student in Bergstrom Hall? Check out the video created by members of the Class of 2020! 

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