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The Honors Experience

Asking questions and never settling for less than the best are standard practice for honors students. Here’s how the honors experience at St. Norbert takes shape.

Honors Year One
First-year honors students live as neighbors in Bergstrom Hall and enroll in Honors 101, the common course that fulfills the intensive writing component of the Core Curriculum program. 

Honors Years Two & Three
Students generally take one honors course each semester. The classes offer extensive interaction with a small group of other honors students meeting together with a professor. Twice during your four years, you may choose an honors tutorial, study abroad experience, or student teaching abroad to fulfill an honors course requirement.  

Honors Year Four
Senior honors students may choose to continue and finish their honors course work through tutorials and/or honors-only classes, or they may undertake an honors senior project. The senior project is recommended but not required. Additional honors senior project information can be found in the Honors Program Guidebook.

For more detailed information about admission requirements, please visit the admission to the Honors Program webpage.