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Main Hall makes a fitting backdrop for the wedding memories of Molly (Maher) ’12 and Ben Lucareli ’12. Photo by GreatScott Images

Where the Heart Is

“Look around. You just might be looking at your future husband or wife.”

For many alumni, those words from the Rev. Jim Neilson ’88 were among the first they heard as students at St. Norbert College, spoken during ceremonies welcoming them to campus. And those words became true for quite a few of those young, fresh-faced Green Knights.

We’re not sure if it’s the breathtaking riverfront views, the beautiful tree-lined campus or long hours in the computer science lab. But these alumni say an SNC spot was integral to their happily-ever-afters.

Sarah (Nohr) ’97 and Brian Began ’97 met during freshmen year at an 8 a.m. philosophy class. Brian says: “Things didn’t get serious until we became computer science lab partners the following year. (Nothing says romance like computer science!)”

Shared values brought Tara (Marcell) ’09 and Garrett Lancelle ’10 together as they participated in a program that combined education with community service. “Early on in our relationship, my sister was visiting campus,” Garrett says. “A group of us were walking back from the cafeteria when my sister stopped us all (just by Old St. Joe’s) and proceeded to ‘marry’ Tara and me in the middle of campus.” When Garrett decided to make it official, he couldn’t leave out St. Norbert. “I proposed to Tara by tape-recording a scavenger hunt that ran throughout the campus and ended in front of Room 222 at Mad/Lor (Tara’s freshman dorm room).”

For others, being at the right place at the right time was all it took to create a spark. Take Carol (Sessler) ’90 and President Brian Bruess ’90, who recently celebrated 29 years of marriage. They met at freshmen orientation, where they were assigned to the same group. Carol (who just so happens to be a relationship expert) credits St. Norbert College for the couple’s “foundation for family, faith and service.”

When Liz (Newgent) ’09 and Steve Gale ’09 relay their own love story, they don’t leave out Neilson’s prediction. “We always say we clearly remember Father Jim saying … ‘Look around. You might be looking at your future husband or wife.’ We are so lucky he was right!”

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Jan. 15, 2021