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We Are Coming Together

Across St. Norbert College, our leaders – students, faculty and staff working together – are continuously pursuing positive, lasting change through awareness, training, prevention, response, and victim-support programs and services. Our goal is to engage every person in our college community as part of an exceptional learning experience.

Here are a few of the many ways we are coming together to make St. Nobert College safe and sound:

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Six Awesome Ways to Keep Fit at the MFFSC

Emilie Smith ’20 has been exploring all the workout options on offer at our newest facility.

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Ready Wherever You Are

Somewhere new for the [season]? Here's a checklist for emergency preparedness wherever you find yourself.

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Safety blue lights on campus

Get Oriented to Campus Safety

We’re all partners in our mission to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors a safe environment to live, study and work.

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Health & Wellness at St. Norbert

Get oriented to all the services available right here on campus!

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Body of Knowledge

A St. Norbert education makes for a healthy world. Across campus, work in our labs and classrooms is contributing to better care, better diagnoses and better treatment options for all that ails us.

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Excited for Summer?

Don't forget to pack these safety tips!

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Campus Safety officer patrols campus

See Something, Say Something

Students’ “see something – say something” reports help Campus safety and underscore the importance of proactive reporting.

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Alertus mobile app

Alertus Lets Others Know You’re Safe

Did you know you can mark yourself safe during a drill or incident using the Alertus app on your phone? Install the app and get acquainted with its many useful features.

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Knights Saving Lives

Donors at the recent campus blood drive gave enough units of blood to save 234 lives. Go Knights!

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