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College Leadership

Since 1898, the mission of St. Norbert College has been to provide an educational experience that features the highest academic standards and grounds them in our Norbertine values and the Catholic intellectual tradition. That remains our goal today.

We try to achieve this by hiring outstanding faculty, administrators and staff, and cultivating an environment that promotes a never-ending pursuit of excellence – excellence being defined as operating at the highest level one can. It is a pursuit that we owe to our students, our predecessors and ourselves, and it is why St. Norbert College has become the institution you see today.

Interim President Thomas Kunkel
Thomas Kunkel served as the president of SNC from 2008 until his retirement in 2017. He returns to the college as the interim president for the 2022-23 academic year.

The President’s Cabinet
The president’s cabinet is composed of the vice presidents of the administrative divisions of the college, along with the chief of staff.

The Board of Trustees
The St. Norbert College Board of Trustees is composed of alumni, Norbertine fathers and friends of the college.

Contact Us
To contact the office of the president, please feel free to write, phone, fax, email or submit a note via our online form.
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