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Informational Interviewing

The most effective way to gather detailed information about a particular career is to conduct an informational interview with someone who has a position that interests you.

An informational interview:
  • Allows you to determine if the career or company matches your skills, interests, values and expectations
  • Expands your professional network
  • Provides you with tips and information that may be of value while applying or preparing for an interview

Informational Interviewing Guide (PDF)

Steps to Informational Interviewing

Step 1: Identify People to Interview in a Career or With a Company That Matches Your Interest(s)
  • Tap into family, friends, faculty, staff, coaches, advisors, supervisors, mentors and St. Norbert College alumni
Step 2: Arrange the Interview
Step 3: Prepare for the Interview by Researching all You Can About the Field or Company
Step 4: Conduct the Informational Interview
  • Dress appropriately, arrive on time, be polite/professional, refer to your list of questions, and stay on track but allow for spontaneous discussion.
  • Be aware of time, ask for additional contacts and ask to use their name when reaching out
  • DO NOT ask about job opportunities (remember the purpose is to collect information) 
Step 5: Follow-Up
  • Record the information gathered immediately following the interview
  • Within 48 hours, send a thank-you note 
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