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Searching for Jobs and Internships

Follow the steps below when engaging in a job search.

Step 1

Know Yourself
  • Interests: What stimulates you? Think about what engages your mind and makes you look forward to going to work. Consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory for further assistance.
  • Values: What is important to you? What causes, issues or qualities engage your spirit and heart?
  • Skills: What are you good at? What are your talents and abilities? Consider taking StrengthsQuest for further assistance in identifying your skills.
  • Personality: What type of person are you? Consider taking the MBTI for more assistance in determining personality type.
  • Preferences: What can't you live without in a position? A good location? A certain driving distance? Culture? A certain amount of travel? Advancement opportunities?

Step 2

Develop a Timeline 

You should allow yourself at least 6 months for a successful search, although the process can take significantly more or less time depending on your experience and level of preparation.
  • View the job or internship search as a job itself. Keep in mind that minimal effort will most likely achieve minimal results.
  • Create a list of tasks and set target dates for each. You are the best expert on your energy and work ethic, therefore be sure to keep your plan realistic.
  • Set reasonable expectations in order to accomplish your goals.
  • Commit your plan to paper, as you may be more likely to tackle the job search if your plan is clearly organized and written down.  
  • Enlist the help of a “coach” – an individual who knows you well, can provide objective feedback and will help you stay committed to your plan.

Step 3

Prepare Your Application Materials

Step 4

Conduct a Comprehensive Job Search 

Respond to Advertised Openings
  • Register for Hire a Knight, the St. Norbert College online job and internship posting system. All employers seeking to connect with St. Norbert College students and alumni are directed to utilize this online system. 
  • Monitor select websites weekly. Check out the job search links on the Career and Professional Development website.
  • Monitor professional association websites. Go to your favorite search engine, type <your field> associations and see what results you get. Example: Marketing associations.
  • Monitor Sunday newspapers.
  • Utilize LinkedIn to search postings.
Develop a Targeted List of Employers
  • Research the companies on your list. Helpful websites for research: Reference USA, company website or Google.
  • View these brief Reference USA video tours to learn how to effectively use this tool!
  • Bookmark and regularly check the websites of your targeted list of employers.
  • 7 out of 10 job hunters find jobs through networking. Networking is a process by which you obtain information about the job market from professionals in the field and increase your number of contacts. Networking will help you discover leads to unadvertised jobs in the “hidden job market.”

Step 5

Attend Career Fairs 

Career fairs are an opportunity to meet with recruiters face-to-face to share your skills and to sell your experience. Be sure to check out the Career and Internship Fair Prep Guide (PDF) to help you prepare for attending these events. Check out the links below for regional career fair information.

To find a career fair in your geographical region, go to your favorite search engine, type <your location> career fairs or <your location> job fairs.

Disclaimer: Most employers are reputable and reliable, but Career & Professional Development is not in a position to guarantee the professional standing of all companies, organizations or individuals posting job or internship opportunities. Applicants are strongly encouraged to research potential employers as part of the search process.

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