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Research shows that as many as 70% of open positions are filled as a result of networking. The contacts you make, if cultivated and used wisely, can lead to future employment. Everyone has a network, it's just a matter of thinking broadly and creatively about who is in it. Thanks to social media, there are countless new ways to virtually network with almost anyone! 

If you have questions, please contact Career and Professional Development.

Networking & Informational Interviewing Guide (PDF version)

Step 1

Identify Your Selling Points
  • What are your top 3 skills and/or strengths?
  • What makes you unique from other candidates?
  • How do your skills and/or strengths align with your targeted industry?

Step 2

Determine Who Is Already in Your Network
  • Tap into family, friends, faculty, staff, coaches, advisors, supervisors, mentors and St. Norbert College alumni

Step 3

Carry Your Business Cards Everywhere
  • Create personalized business cards via an online search for “free business cards”
  • Exchange and share your business cards generously 

Step 4

Prepare and Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Step 5

Join LinkedIn

Step 6

Expand Your Network
  • Join a professional organization, volunteer, utilize LinkedIn
  • Meet with Career & Professional Development staff to develop your individualized plan
  • Every time you network with someone, be sure to ask, “Do you know two more people I could talk to regarding this topic?”

Step 7

Maintain Your Network
  • Maintain your relationships by staying in contact over time. For example, send an email, message them on LinkedIn, invite them to coffee.
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