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References Guide

The reference page is a separate document from the résumé. Always ask permission from a reference before listing them. If they agree, send them a current résumé along with the position description. It is important to keep your references informed on your internship/job search status. Only submit your references when requested by the organization you are applying to.  

Reference Guide (PDF)

Formatting Tips

  • Use the same heading as your résumé.  
  • The style and size of your font should match your résumé and cover letter.  
  • Either left-align or center your text.  
  • It is recommended that you have a minimum of three professional references.  
  • Name of person using: Ms., Mr., Dr., Prof. 
  • Position title 
  • Company/organization 
  • Company Address 
  • Work Telephone number 
  • Work Email address  
Whom to Ask 
  • Former/current supervisors 
  • Professors 
  • Academic advisors 
  • Contacts from volunteer work 
  • Mentors 
  • Colleagues 
  • Coaches 
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