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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to use the Health and Wellness Services? | return to top
All full and part-time students enrolled at St Norbert College are eligible to use our services. College employees are also eligible to use Health and Wellness Services

What type of services do you provide? | return to top
Health and Wellness Services is an integrated holistic system of healthcare that provides care related to physical, emotional and psychological concerns. For a listing of on-campus health and wellness services visit the clinical services web page.

Do I need an appointment? | return to top  
We encourage appointments in order to serve you more efficiently. Same day appointments are most often available in health services and we can most often accommodate a counseling service appointment within 1 week. Please call (920) 403-3266 to make an appointment.

Is there a cost involved for the services? | return to top  
There is no cost for the initial assessment by the nursing or counseling staff. Charges would be incurred for procedures, immunizations, medication and visits with the medical provider. The student health fee covers the cost of some basic testing such as strep testing, mono, glucose, and influenza. For further information please visit the fees and insurance web page.

I have a chronic health condition that requires ongoing medical care. Can I see a provider to continue my care? | return to top 
We recommend students with an ongoing health or mental health condition make an appointment with Health and Wellness Services to establish a Plan of Care while you are at college. We will work closely with your health care provider at home to ensure continuity in your care and to assure the greatest potential for your academic success.
Do you have information on alcohol and other drugs? | return to top
Health and Wellness Services is able to provide educational materials, alcohol and drug screenings and referrals to area specialists.

I receive allergy shots, can I get them at Health and Wellness Services? | return to top
Yes, you can receive your allergy shots on-campus. Labeled vials of your antigen with written and signed orders from your physician are needed prior to you receiving your shots. Your allergist should also include dose schedule and directions for missed shots. We do not have the ability to provide allergy testing.

If I take a prescription medicine, can I get refills at Health and Wellness Services? | return to top
We have a small formulary of prescription medications on hand however, these are reserved for the providers we have on campus. It would be beneficial to have your prescriptions filled prior to coming to college or transfer prescriptions to a local pharmacy. If you are taking a controlled medication you should have the prescription mailed to you directly and take it to one of the pharmacies listed.

Are my records confidential? | return to top
Health and Wellness Services is compliant with all HIPAA regulations which protect the privacy of your health information. All records are kept in locked files in Health and Wellness Services. The individual determines who has access to their health and/or counseling records and this access is only granted with written consent by the individual. For more information on confidentiality at Health and Wellness Services visit the confidentiality web page.

Can you bill my insurance? | return to top
You will receive an itemized bill with charges and diagnostic codes identified that you can submit to your insurance. Presently, Health and Wellness Services does not bill directly to insurance companies. Students with the St. Norbert College WAICU insurance plan will have their bills submitted directly to the insurance company.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the student health insurance plan? | return to top
You can contact the Health and Wellness Services office at (920) 403-3266 or the Finance Office (920) 403- 3002. For more information on the St. Norbert College Insurance plan visit the fees and insurance web page.

Health Services

Phone: (920) 403-3266
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