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Student Permits and Fees

On-Campus Residents for 2020-2021
This green permit which costs $150 for the academic year, is available to students residing in any form of campus housing.  The number of permits sold is limited by the number of student parking stalls available.  The GREEN permit is valid for any student lot (P6, P12, P13, P16, P17 and the lot located on 6th Street)

After the start of the academic year, students who want to bring a vehicle ot campus must verify with the parking office that a permit is still available. Any vehicles that arrive on campus without a permit could be towed to an off-site storage area. Student permits identify the vehicle as one being legal to park on campus, but does not guarantee a parking spot for any specific space or lot. Parking within any student lot is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students who do not use their car on a daily basis need to be parked in 6th Street lot.

If you are on campus first semester but studying abroad second semester, you will need to submit a registration form when your date for the registration process is open. Before you leave, you must return your permit to the parking office and your account will be credited half the cost of the permit.

If you are studying abroad first semester, do not submit a registration form. You will be notified in December on how and when you can register for a permit.

Student teachers, if you will need a vehicle for your student teaching second semester, you must apply for and purchase it now – even if you do not need a vehicle until second semester. 

College Houses
Residents at college-owned houses need to register/apply for a parking permit for the current academic year. A free green permit will be assigned to each student who registers for a parking permitThe permit allows you to park in your house driveway or should your vehicle not fit in your driveway or in the event that you are asked to move your vehicle if access to the garage is requested, the permit also allows residents to park in ANY student lot on campusCollege House Parking Policy

All vehicles parked in your driveway must display a valid year permits or they will be issued a ticket for the unregistered vehicle violation.

You can not park or drive on the lawn. Your entire vehicle (all four wheels) must be parked on your paved or gravel driveway. The sidewalk may not be blocked by any part of your vehicle. The parking office has the right to charge each resident a $30 parked on the grass fine if there is evidence of vehicles driving or parking on the lawn. 

Commuter Students for 2020-2021
This is a blue permit at a cost of $150 for the academic year. Commuter students are defined as students who live at home with their family/guardian or live in off-campus housing. The BLUE permit is available for any lot signed as Employee/Commuter (P3, P4, P5, P8, P9, P15) and any Student lot on campus (The GREEN permit is valid for any student lot (P6, P12, P13, P16, P17 and the lot located on 6th Street). If you apply for a commuter permit you must have a local address on file with Residential Education and Housing.

Temporary Permit
This hangtag is valid for the 6th Street lot only.  The permit is $10/2 weeks. Contact the parking office directly to request a temporary permit. 

Mopeds and Motorcycles
Every moped, scooter or motorcycle that parks on campus must be registered with the college-no permit necessary.  Please review the college’s wheeled vehicle policy for parking locations and riding restrictions. To register your vehicle-email the make, model, color and plate # to the parking office. (

To review where student parking lots are located on campus, see our campus parking map.  

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