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Career Assessment Tools for Alumni

We offer career assessments to assist you in identifying career paths based on your preferences, interests, skills and values. These tools can be helpful for those considering a career change or seeking more satisfying work within an organization.

To take these assessments, you must first schedule an appointment with Career Services. After taking the assessments online, the Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI must be interpreted by a counselor in the Career & Professional Development office. To find out if these assessments are right for you or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality inventory that categorizes behavior based on preferences. Understanding these preferences can be a guide for career selection, the type of work you may want to perform and the style with which you approach your career. 

The MBTI instrument provides an accurate picture of a person’s personality type by determining preferences in four categories; the combination of these preferences will identify one of 16 distinct personality types. Understanding the characteristics unique to each personality type provides insight on individuals' ways of communicating and interacting with others. This information can then be used to identify the types of careers that may be supportive to each personality type.

The MBTI measures valuable differences that result from: 
  • The way people like to take in information
  • Where people like to focus their attention
  • The way people like to make decisions
  • The kind of lifestyle people adopt

For additional background information on determining your personality type and the MBTI, visit the Determining Your Personality Type web page.  

Contact Career Services with questions or to schedule an appointment to take the MBTI.

Strong Interest Inventory

Taking the Strong Interest Inventory can be helpful in your career decision making and planning. This assessment measures your level of interest in occupational areas, work and leisure activities, kinds of people, and various learning and work environments. Your interests are compared with people who are happily employed in a variety of occupations. The assessment will not tell you what to do, but will give you insight into occupations that you might enjoy and want to explore.

  • Your Strong results can be used to help you identify the following: 
  • How you might find a job or career consistent with your likes and dislikes of the work world 
  • How similar (or dissimilar) your interests are to the interests of people who are working in 109 occupations 
  • Your leisure interests 
  • Additional alternatives or options related to work or leisure-time activities for you to explore 
  • General patterns in your interests 
  • Work or learning environments that fit your interests    
  • How your liking or disliking of risk taking and your preferences regarding leadership style might affect your options

For additional background information on the Strong Interest Inventory, visit the Strong Interest Inventory web page

Contact Career Services with questions or to schedule an appointment to take the Strong Interest Inventory.


Imagine a career where you have the opportunity to do what you do best – every day. What would that career look like for you? Who would you work with, where would you work, and what type of activities would you be doing? This tool is designed to provide insight into your unique strengths and the ways in which you can enhance and more fully express them.

Finding a career that is a good fit for your talents is a key part of the career exploration process. Gallup Research has found that employees who have the opportunity to use their strengths are six times as likely to be engaged in their work and more than three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life as employees who don’t get to focus on what they do best.

StrengthsQuest is comprised of 34 Signature Themes. These themes emerged in Gallup’s study of successful people over decades of research. Each theme contains several talents. These talents are natural, recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings or behaviors. The talents found in your Signature Themes are things you do naturally - like breathing. You actually do them without even trying.   

Through StrengthsQuest, you’ll gain insight into your areas of greatest potential and clues to the type of work environment in which you are most likely to thrive.

Contact Career Services with questions or to schedule an appointment to take StrengthsQuest.

Values Assessment

Throughout your life you acquire a set of values – beliefs and ideas that are important to you. In order to have a happy, successful and fulfilling life, you must act upon your values, both in your personal life and at work. Taking your values into account when you choose a career could be the most important factor that determines whether you will or won’t be satisfied with that aspect of your life. Clarifying your work values, that subset of values that relate to your career, is essential. Your work values are both intrinsic, relating to the actual tasks involved in practicing a particular occupation, and extrinsic, relating to the by-products of an occupation.

You can take a values assessment on the Values Assessment web page.
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