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Mission, Vision, Core Values and Inclusivity Statement

Land Acknowledgement Statement
We recognize that this place many students call home was called home by the Menominee nation for generations. In the spirit of the Norbertine value of stabilitas loci, a deep commitment to the local community, we invite you to read our Land Acknowledgement Statement and read the FAQ and resources offered on that page. 

Our Mission
Live Communio: community living grounded in personal growth.

Provide an academically supportive living community where students are actively engaged and learn to transition to life after St. Norbert College.

Our Core Values
Our core values as a 4-year residential college are:

  • Grow: Engage with others and become a self-advocate
  • Care: Foster inclusive and supportive relationships
  • Fun: Enjoy time spent living with others
  • Learn: Discover new ideas and engage in the greater community
  • Respect: Seek mutual understanding and act with personal integrity

Inclusive Community Living
In the spirit of communio, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to develop and maintain an inclusive community where all residents feel they are respected and welcomed.

An inclusive community is one in which:

  • The human dignity of each person is acknowledged and respected.
  • Communication across differences is conducted with patience and humility.
  • All residents feel safe to be and express their authentic selves.  
  • Residents are considerate and willing to address their behavior if they cause others harm.

An inclusive community takes everyone:

  • Demonstrating openness to understanding their own values, identities and experiences and what that means for their impact on others with whom they share space.
  • Acknowledging that everyone has their own barriers, beliefs and perspectives and that what might seem possible or reasonable to one might not be the same for another. 
  • Recognizing one’s own biases and assumptions and actively taking steps to unlearn harmful/misleading information and behaviors while supporting others in doing the same.
  • Managing conflict situations and prioritizing the goals of mutual growth and understanding while seeking resolution when conflict arises. 
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