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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I find out where I live and with whom?
You will be sent an email to your SNC email account in July. This will instruct you where to look in KnightLine to get the details of your housing assignment. Make sure to activate your SNC email account and check it regularly. To activate your SNC email account, please visit this website and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your email.

Can I request a roommate?
Yes, you can request a roommate, but to be honored, roommate requests must be mutual.

How do I obtain my future roommates/suitemates contact information?
When you are sent the email regarding your housing information it will instruct you to look in KnightLine to obtain the details about your housing assignments and your roommate(s). If you would like additional information, you will need to email your roommate and ask for it. Residential Education and Housing cannot provide you with information other than what is provided in KnightLine.

Can I switch roommates?
If a room change request is made because of a roommate conflict, all other means of resolution (e.g., roommate contracts, mediation, arbitration) must be exhausted before a room change will be granted. Consultation with your resident assistant and/or your hall director is expected before any room change can take place. To encourage you to get to know your roommate, Residential Education and Housing will not make any room changes for the first two weeks students are on campus. It is the expectation of Residential Education and Housing that students make every effort to live together in a civil and responsible manner.

What is an RCR?
RCR is the acronym for Room Condition Report. It is a form utilized by your area coordinator to assess the condition of your living space prior to your check-in date and then again used to assess the condition upon your checkout. The RCR is an online form to complete on the student portal. Changes in condition of the room that are not attributed to normal wear and tear are considered damage and will result in a damage bill. Upon check-in you will have one week to review the condition of your room in comparison to the RCR generated report. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of your area cooridnator immediately.

Will I have access to the Internet in my room?
All Residence Halls have wireless Internet and a network jack in every room. If using a wired connection, students must provide their own cable.  Information Technology Services (ITS) provides support.

What will my new address be and where do I get my mail?
At the beginning of the year, you will receive a mailbox suite number and a key from the Mail Center. You will have the same suite number for your entire stay at St. Norbert College. All student mailboxes are located in the Ray Van Den Heuvel Campus Center. For more information, please visit the Campus Center website.

Your mail and packages should be sent to the following address: 

Suite # 
St. Norbert College 
100 Grant Street 
De Pere, WI 54115

Who is the best person to approach with housing questions or concerns once I’ve moved into my residence hall?
Anyone on campus will be more than willing to assist you with any questions or concerns you have but the most knowledgeable when it comes to housing issues will be the residence area coordinator, community assistants, or resident assistants (R.A.). You can also contact Residential Education and Housing in Todd Wehr Hall or email housing@snc.edu.

Will I have cable television in my room?
Each residence hall is equipped with TV access. The cost of this service is included in the semester housing charges. Students need to provide their own TV and any needed accessories. Information Technology Services provides support. For more cable tv information visit the ITS Student Service Desk.

What do I do if I need something repaired in my room?
If something is broken or just not working right in your room, you will need to submit a work order online. You will need to visit www.snc.edu/service and fill out the form according to your problem. The work order will be submitted to the department that can be of service to you. After submission, either someone will come and take care of the problem within a few days or someone from that department will contact you. If you have an urgent or emergency issue you should contact Residential Education and Housing at 920-403-3360 or Campus Safety at 920-403-3299.

How do I obtain a parking permit?
All student vehicles must be registered with Parking. For information on how to register a vehicle, email parking@snc.edu. Students graduating in Dec. or leaving St. Norbert College during or at the end of first semester will be reimbursed half of their permit fee upon request. Falsification of information provided to the college regarding class status, housing location, etc. will result in revocation of parking privileges for the year and a $100 fine. Any changes (new vehicle, license, etc.) should be referred to the Parking office, 920-403-3948. 

What are Common Area Damages?
Each student is responsible for any and all damages or vandalism that may occur in his/her assigned unit. Payment for such damages or vandalism must be made promptly. Students are also held responsible for general hall damage or vandalism and asked to identify the person(s) responsible. If damage occurs in a hall or wing, such as in a recreation room or an elevator, and the person(s) responsible cannot be identified, the cost of repair is divided among the residents of that residential living area. The costs assessed to a student’s account for floor and/or hall damages will be charged as a total "Room Damages" entry on the statement, along with individual room damages. Depending on the situation, 20% of the total damage costs may be added as a punitive fine. 

What is the Student Activity Fee used for?
All St. Norbert College students are assessed a student activity fee which appears on their tuition bills. The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC), a committee of the Student Government Association, in conjunction with the vice president for student life, is responsible for disbursing the collective student activity fee. Funds are distributed to eligible St. Norbert College student organizations and student life departments in an effort to enhance the co-curricular life on campus. For more information you can visit the SAFAC website.

Do I have to pay for the Activity Fee if I live off campus?
All registered students are required to pay the Student Activity Fee.

What is the Student Technology Fee used for?
The student technology fee has been used for the installation and upkeep of the fiber optics that were installed in all residence hall rooms. Students have access to the St. Norbert College network from their rooms because of the fee. Additionally, it is used to purchase new and current computer equipment in the computer labs, which are available to all students.

When can Custom Cash be refunded to a student?
Custom cash stays on your account until after you graduate or leave St. Norbert College. Custom cash accounts with a $25 or higher balance are then refunded to your student account. Any credit balances remaining on your student account will be refunded to the student with a check sent to your permanent address. 

When does garbage collection take place in the College houses?
Garbage will be collected from the college-owned houses on Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m.. Students are asked to have their garbage to the curb by 9:00 a.m. on Monday; however, students should not leave their garbage out overnight. After garbage is collected, students should bring their garbage containers away from the curb as soon as possible.

What if I’d like to commute?
Commuter status is defined as students who commute from their primary parent/legal guardian's home address within 35 miles of the college. Primary home address is where parent/legal guardian's reside the majority of the year.

Please see our Commuter webpage for further details on commuting as well as applying for commuter status.

What are my housing options if I plan to study abroad?
Students studying abroad can apply for housing through the continuing student housing process as an individual or as part of a group because the application is online. Information about the procedure each year is made available in the continuing student housing process guide on the REH website.

If a student studies abroad in the fall and did not secure housing for the spring, a staff member in Residential Education and Housing will work with them to find a housing placement prior to their return. 

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