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Professional and Student Staff


Area Coordinator (AC) - Professional Staff Member

Area coordinators are responsible for the management of multiple residence halls and focus on student development, academic success and community building. Within the living and learning environment, your area coordinator strives to create a positive community, serves as the judicial hearing officer, supervises student staff members and implements programs. Area coordinators are a full-time, live-in professional with a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Resident Assistant (RA) - Student Staff Member

Resident assistants are experienced student leaders who live on each floor of the residence halls. Your RA has been selected as a resident assistant because of their concern for others, knowledge of the college, scholarship and dedication to the philosophy of residence hall living. An RA facilitates an active and cooperative living environment that is conducive to studying, personal growth and safety. They also receive special training in all aspects of residence hall life to personally assist students and/or to make referrals to relevant departments in different situations.

During regular business hours, please call the hall office number of the Area Coordinator supervising the hall you have questions about. After regular business hours, the on-duty phones for each residence hall are in service from 4:30 p.m.-8 a.m. Monday through Thursday. The duty phone remains active from 4:30 p.m. Friday to 8:00 a.m. Monday. On-duty coverage varies during breaks. Campus Safety is available at all times at 920-403-3299.

Community Assistant (CA) - Student Staff Member
Community assistants are students who work closely with our professional area coordinator staff to be a resource to resident assistants and students in specific areas.  These students are typically experienced Resident Assistants who applied to be in an elevated staff role.

Bergstrom Hall 
Office: 920-403-3704
On Duty: 920-676-7979
Nick Hemschemeyer Area Coordinator
Aly Vanden Heuvel Community Assistant
Dylan Schuster Resident Assistant
Lindsay Fortier Resident Assistant
Emma Hanson Resident Assistant
Burke Hall
Office: 920-403-3589
On Duty: 920-676-7977 
Stephanie Dooge Area Coordinator
Ralph Hombsch Community Assistant
Meaghan Dutton Resident Assistant
Cordell Umland Resident Assistant
Abigail Thompson Resident Assistant
Max Berner Resident Assistant
Sensenbrenner Hall
Office: 920-403-4118
On Duty: 920-676-7977 
Stephanie Dooge Area Coordinator
Ralph Hombsch Community Assistant
Emma Peterson Resident Assistant
David Turner Resident Assistant
Cassandra Schultz Resident Assistant
Jake Warpinski Resident Assistant
Brenna Cisler Resident Assistant
Dalton Moyse Resident Assistant
Madelaine/Lorraine Hall
Office: 920-403-3775
On Duty: 920-676-7978 
Faith Bradbury Area Coordinator
Katie Navarro Community Assistant
Dyllyn Anderson Resident Assistant
Juan Nunez Resident Assistant
Hayden Simpson Resident Assistant
Robin Wylie Resident Assistant
Hannah Bellanti Resident Assistant
Aleana Torres Resident Assistant
Mary Minahan McCormick Hall
Office: 920-403-3694
On Duty: 920-676-7979 
Nick Hemschemeyer Area Coordinator 
Aly Vanden Heuvel Community Assistant
Brynn Hansen Resident Assistant
Sam Satterlee Resident Assistant
Emma Herb Resident Assistant
Joshua Tomashek Resident Assistant
Emma Hall Resident Assistant
Dylan Sjong Resident Assistant
Sarah Kulas Resident Assistant
Michels Hall
Office: 920-403-6302
On Duty: 920-676-7980 
Maddie Fink Area Coordinator
Olivia Bonfigt Community Assistant
Hailey Murphy Resident Assistant
Chelsea Yang Resident Assistant
Mehrzad Tardast Resident Assistant
Victor McCormick Hall
Office: 920-403-6440
On Duty: 920-676-7982 
Olivia Hanson Area Coordinator
Kevin Schill Community Assistant
Owen Geddes Resident Assistant
Chase Nguyen Resident Assistant
Kayla Starnes Resident Assistant
Lily Maier Resident Assistant
Chelsey Martinez Martinez Resident Assistant
Leah Widlarz Resident Assistant
Upper Class Housing
Maddie Fink Area Coordinator - Premontre, Xanten, College Houses (Service)
Olivia Hanson Area Coordinator - Gries
Faith Bradbury Area Coordinator - Hugh, Doksany, Roggenburg, College Houses (Non-Service)
Stephanie Dooge Area Coordinator - Carriage House, Townhouses, Burke
Nick Hemschemeyer Area Coordinator - St. Joseph
Community Assistants
Kevin Schill Community Assistant - Gries, Victor McCormick
Katie Navarro Community Assistant - Madelaine/Lorraine, Hugh, Roggenberg, Doksany, College Houses (Non-Service)
Ralph Hombsch Community Assistant - Townhouses, Carriage House, Burke, Sensenbrenner

Olivia Bonfigt

Gio Basanese


Community Assistants - Premontre, Xanten, College Houses (Service), Michels
Aly Vanden Heuvel Community Assistant - Bergstrom, MMM, St. Joes
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