Alexa Trumpy

Assistant Professor of Sociology

B.A., DePaul University 
M.A., The Ohio State University
Ph.D., The Ohio State University 

Programs: Sociology

My research interests include social movements, gender and culture. My previous research includes an analysis of the effectiveness of environmental movement campaigns targeting corporations. My current research focuses on the interaction between framing, ideology, and strategy in the American pro-life and pro-choice movements. 

Another current research project explores the way social movements use “converts” (people who have left one movement to join an opposing movement organization) to gain resources and legitimacy. 

My teaching interests include social theory, social movements and change, gender, culture, qualitative methods and consumption.

SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 289 Social Movements
SOCI 352 Foundations of Social Theory
SOCI 361 Gender, Sexuality and Society