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Diversity Statement

Health & Wellness Services - Counseling Services of St. Norbert College strives to welcome all and affirms their inclusion. Communio calls on us to uphold the sacred human dignity of all individuals, to participate in difficult dialogue and to create an educational environment built on trust where our community thrives. We are committed to fostering an environment of respect for diverse cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. 

Health & Wellness Services - Counseling Services welcomes opportunities to challenge, examine, and expand our understanding of the factors that influence power, privilege, and inequality as they emerge.

The counseling team commits to take the following actions using The Five Pillars of the respect initiative as our guide:

  • Cultivate Self-Awareness
    • Understand how your identity and status shape your experience of the world
    • Pursue understanding of various cultures and experiences
    • Embrace the responsibility of being a lifelong learner
    • Understand that your perspective and voice are valuable to your community
  • Own Your Impact
    • Recognize your power to be inclusive every day
    • Take responsibility for the effects of your actions
    • Keep moving forward and use missteps as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Find Common Ground
    • Authentically listen to multiple perspectives
    • Recognize the human behind the opinion
    • Patiently seek understanding and connections
  • Seek Reconciliation
    • Acknowledge pain with an apology
    • Commit to changing your behavior in the future
    • Respect that healing looks different for everyone
    • Grant yourself and others the time and space necessary for healing
  • Invest in the Common Good
    • Aspire to radical hospitality rooted in empathy, generosity and inclusivity
    • Fight apathy and use your voice to support others
    • Prioritize voices of those who might not otherwise be heard
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