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Catholic Living Learning Community

The Catholic Living Learning Community (CLLC) was created for students to purposefully live in community with one another while actively growing in their Catholic Christian faith. 

While living together at St. Joseph Hall at St. Norbert College, the CLLC is an opportunity to live out and grow in your faith through communal living and active participation in small groups. This experience will also contribute to your understanding of the Catholic and Norbertine traditions, as well as enhance your sense of belonging at SNC. Space is limited for this community and the following expectations must be met:

  • Members will be actively engaged in the Catholic Church. If you are not Catholic, but of another Christian tradition, we encourage you to be practicing your faith through a communal prayer expression or service.
  • Members will participate in a daily prayer activity.
  • Small groups will select and participate in a weekly gathering, such as Mass, Adoration, Learning workshop, Liturgy of the Hours, etc.
  • Groups will select one monthly learning event and one monthly service event.
  • Groups will check in at least once a semester with a member of the parish staff.
  • All members of the CLLC group should be in good academic standing, defined by The Citizen as a cumulative grade point average above 2.0.
  • All members of the CLLC group should be in good judicial standing with a maximum of (1) alcohol violation in the last 12 months and no illegal substance violation. Students that do not meet this requirement may be subject to further screening.
  • Members must not be on disciplinary probation at the time of application.
  • Each CLLC group will be responsible for following all St. Norbert College policies as stated in The Citizen.
  • Acceptance into the CLLC program will remove group members from any future housing selection processes for the academic year.
  • Active participation in the CLLC program is a requirement of continuing membership. If participation does not meet program expectations, the group or individual may be removed from the housing assignment they were originally assigned.
  • The group must maintain their eligibility status for the entire academic year. Students who lose their eligibility requirements and/or fail to meet the outlined expectations and requirements may be relocated to another campus housing location.
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