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Hugh Hall

Hugh Hall houses 32 total residents who are fourth or third year students and is located at 410 College Ave. above the Facilities Service Center. 

Hugh Hall has 22 single rooms – 14 single rooms with individual bathrooms, 4 singles in which two single rooms share a bathroom, and 5 double rooms with in-room bathrooms.


  • Loftable beds (loft pieces not provided by SNC)
  • Desk and chair
  • Dresser
  • Built-in closet
  • Bathroom
  • Wireless internet access
  • Digital/HD cable TV service
  • Central air conditioning
  • Laundry room
  • Common lounge area
  • Common kitchen area with two cooking/refrigerator stations

Hugh Hall residents should also become familiar with the living guidelines which can be found on the main page of the housing website under Applications, Forms and Information. Hugh Hall is supported by one area coordinator and one community assistant. Please see the Staff and Student Staff pages for contact information.

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