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A new webpage engages all members of the St. Norbert community in safety- and wellness-related topics.

Safe & Sound Initiative Launches

In an effort to communicate safety-related efforts and changes that are occurring on campus, the college has launched a new webpage called Safe & Sound. The initiative gives all members of the St. Norbert College community easier access to up-to-date information about safety, health and well-being.

“[Students] have made it clear that they are looking for as much clear and current information about matters related to safety and well-being as possible,” says Julie (Donovan) Massey ’87 (Mission & Student Affairs), who serves as deputy Title IX coordinator for students. (Title IX is the federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.)

“The Safe & Sound portal acts as a single landing point that can help students and other community members access information that is thematically connected around safety and wellness,” Massey adds. In addition, it gives clear and easy access to existing webpages that contain resources people may find helpful.” Information on the portal will be updated whenever needed and refreshed regularly.

The initiative also helps engage all members of the community. Their needs for information about safety and well-being can vary, says Amanda Kim (Diversity Affairs), Title IX coordinator.

“Not all conversations are the same,” Kim says. “It’s about how do we keep communication alive so that people feel heard and get the information they need.”

Visitors to the Safe & Sound webpage can find articles that focus on a variety of safety and wellness-related topics; submit ideas and suggestions for making the college safer; access action reports prepared by department leaders to share information and updates on the college’s awareness, training, prevention, emergency response and victim-support programs and services; and find links to related resources provided by various departments on campus.

Safe & Sound is a collaboration between multiple departments, including Campus Safety, CommunicationsCounseling & Psychological Services, Diversity Affairs, Health & Wellness Services, and the Title IX Working Group.

March 8, 2019