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Continuing Student Housing Application Process, Policies and Procedures

Housing applications for second, third and fourth year students can be submitted through the online process starting March 1st. All housing applications for the academic year are due by the end of the day on March 31st..

There are three housing options available to students.

  1. Residential status (on-campus housing)
  2. Commuter status (living with parents or legal guardians and traveling to campus)
  3. Off-Campus status (renting from a private landlord)

Because St. Norbert College has a four-year residency requirement, students need to receive permission from REH to commute or live off campus. We expect that no fourth year students will be released to live off-campus for the academic year.

Students who do not receive commuter status or off-campus status are required to apply for housing on campus. If a student chooses not to apply, REH will assign the student to a room based on available space.

Fouth year student groups will be assigned housing first in order of the best lottery date/time slot. 

Continuing Student On-Campus Housing Options
Second year students can apply to live in Burke large doubles or singles, Michels, MMM, Sensenbrenner triples or VMC.

Only third and fourth year students can apply for upperclass housing options. Groups that include second year students will not be assigned upperclass housing. Upperclass housing areas include: Carriage House, College Houses, Doksany Hall, Gries Hall, Hugh Hall, Prémontré Hall, Roggenburg Hall, St. Joseph Hall, Townhouses and Xanten Hall.

Please note that REH reserves the right to assign or re-assign housing units based upon gender needs according to enrollment. The residence halls that may be affected are Burke, Michels, MMM or VMC.

Bedroom Assignments
Students will select their assigned bedrooms during the continuing student housing selection process at their assigned lottery date and time.

All bedroom changes must be approved by REH after the Continuing Student Housing Lottery Process has been completed. Bedroom changes after May without pre-approval will result in a $75 per student fee. Students will be unable to change their bedroom assignments during the move-in process.

Room Buyouts
Room buyouts are not an option offered for the fall semester.

Students who live in a room with a vacancy (or who believe a vacancy may open up due to a roommate receiving a room change) may request to “buy out” their room during the spring semester (i.e. in order to ensure that another student will not be assigned to that space for the rest of the semester). They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

While very unlikely, if a student must be placed into the space for emergency reasons, Residential Education & Housing reserves the right to approve or disapprove requests as necessary. In the event the student(s) is denied a “buy out” request, he or she will be refunded the full buy-out charge. Room buyouts are not offered for Gries Hall for fall or spring semesters.

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