As a four-year residential college, St. Norbert strives to provide students with a variety of options for quality living on campus.

Continuing-Student Housing Application Process

The majority of housing applications for sophomores, juniors and seniors can be submitted through an online process. The continuing student housing timeline indicates which housing applications can be accepted online. A separate paper application process will be used to apply for commuter status, Michels Hall Service Program, Theme Houses and the St. Siard International Living Community. Students will need to complete an individual/group application for each choice by the due date listed in the housing selection calendar.

Students who utilize the separate paper application process must be turn in and verify their paper application by a staff member in Residential Education and Housing (REH) or at the Knight Connections Desk. Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Applications will not be accepted after 4 p.m. Applications cannot be mailed or placed on the outside of the REH office door or left at the Knight Connections Desk. Students need to use the KnightLine issued lottery time slot on all housing applications, unless a new time has been approved and issued by REH.

An email will be sent to the individual/group when their application is turned in to verify that it has been received by the due date.

An email confirmation will be sent to all students who applied for a specific group. It is the individual(s) responsibility to notify REH that he/she no longer wants to be a part of a group’s application before the stated deadline. Individuals who applied for the group cannot change their assignment after a group has been awarded a specific housing area.

Students who do not receive commuter status or off-campus status are required to apply for housing on campus. If a student chooses not to apply, REH will assign the student to a room based on available space.

All senior groups will be assigned housing first in the order of the best lottery Time slot. Students who are planning on living together need to apply as a group of the same gender and complete only one application. Students who receive off-campus permission may apply for on-campus housing, but the assignment is legally-binding for the academic year.  

Upperclass Housing Options
Only seniors and juniors can apply for upperclass housing options. Groups that include sophomores will not be assigned upperclass housing. Upperclass housing areas are Carriage House, College Houses, Convent, Gries Hall, Prémontré Hall, Rectory, Riverside, townhouses, Vander Zanden and Xanten Hall.

Please note that REH reserves the right to assign or re-assign housing units based upon gender needs according to enrollment. The residence halls that may be affected are Burke, Michels, MMM or VMC.  

To begin the housing application process, access online applications or download and print paper applications.

Room Buyouts
Students who live in a room with a vacancy (or who believe a vacancy may open up due to a roommate receiving a room change) may request to “buy out” their room during the spring semester (i.e. in order to ensure that another student will not be assigned to that space for the rest of the semester). They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

While very unlikely, if a student must be placed into the space for emergency reasons, Residential Education and Housing reserves the right to approve or disapprove requests as necessary. In the event the student(s) is denied a “buy out” request, he or she will be refunded the full buy-out charge. Room buyouts are not offered for Gries, Prémontré and Xanten Halls fall or spring semesters.