With experiences that encompass major choral/orchestral works, to European performance trips, appearances at professional conventions, opera workshops and jazz performance, a degree in music from St. Norbert College provides you with lots of opportunities.


Music is more than a skill to master. Throughout human history, music has expressed individual feelings, communal values, and societal conventions.

As you study music theory, history and performance, you connect time, language and culture while developing a greater understanding of and appreciation for beauty at its purest. An education in the arts lays the foundation for a life more deeply connected to the community and world around you.

At St. Norbert College, you can earn a degree in one of three music fields:
  • Bachelor’s degree in music education
  • Bachelor’s degree in music performance
  • Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a music emphasis
If you major in music education, you’ll select a specific area of certification, or may choose to be certified in all areas.
  • Choral music, grades 6-12 and general music, grades K-12
  • Instrumental music, grades K-12 and general music, grades K-12
You also may pursue a music minor or a liturgical music minor.

A Music Degree at Work
Whether you dream of performing music professionally or of sharing the joy of instrumental or vocal music with the young, as a music major you can pursue a career in many diverse areas, which may include:
  • Music Education
  • Conducting
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Accompaniment
  • Music business or merchandising
  • Arts management
A music degree from St. Norbert College also prepares you for graduate studies in fields such as conducting, performance, history or musicology, composition, theory, or music therapy.

Enhance Your Music Degree
All students planning to attend St. Norbert College are invited to audition for a music scholarship.

When you enroll, you’ll have many opportunities to perform, no matter your musical interests. More than a dozen auditioned and non-auditioned instrumental and vocal ensembles welcome students at every ability level. You’ll perform in extraordinary venues, which include the Abbot Pennings Hall of Fine Arts, Old St. Joseph Church, and the newly renovated Dudley Birder Hall.

As a music student, you can participate in a music organization, join the regional community in auditioning for Music Theatre productions. On campus, you might participate in the popular Knight Theatre, perform throughout the year with the Knights on Broadway vocal ensemble, or connect with middle and high school musicians in the college’s annual Winter BandFest.

Faculty Perspective

“I became a composer first because at some point, someone pulled me aside and said: ‘I think you have a gift for this. Let me work with you and make it better.’ It’s sort of been a pay-it-forward thing, if nothing else. Teaching has always been a calling of mine. No matter what I do in music, I always need to be a teacher.”

Blake Henson
Assistant Professor of Music

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