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Lottery Date, Lottery Time and Golden Ticket

The continuing student housing assignment process is based on a lottery date/time by classification year. Students will receive a randomly assigned lottery date/time slot based on their classification year that determines priority for selecting housing for the next academic year. Fourth-year students have priority in the selection of housing options. Students are not permitted to exchange assigned times.

Students who apply as a group will also receive a lottery date/time based on the makeup of their group’s classification year (i.e. all fourth-year, fourth/third mix, etc.). This lottery date/time is the average makeup of your group.

Students will be notified via email by Residential Education & Housing of their lottery date/time slots.

Lottery classification dates/times are assigned based on fall and spring semesters in college completed by January 2023. Lottery classification dates/times are not based on credits.

Second-Year Classification: 1 or 2 completed semesters
Third-Year Classification: 3 or 4 completed semesters
Fourth-Year Classification: 5 or more completed semesters

How Lottery Times Are Calculated
The lottery is run so that students have priority in housing selection based on class standing (based on number of semesters in college) and the class standing makeup of their group:

Step 1: Students are assigned a random lottery number based on their number of semesters in College. The fourth-year numbers are higher than the third-year numbers, and these are all higher than the second-year numbers.

Step 2: The numbers from Step 1 are averaged based on the makeup of the confirmed roommates/group members.  Therefore, a group with all fourth-year students receives a better average number than a mixed group or a group with all third-year students.

Step 3: Timeslots are assigned sequentially to the groups based on the averaged numbers that were calculated in Step 2.

Golden Ticket for On-Campus Housing
The on-campus housing Golden Ticket will allow students to select housing 15 minutes prior to their assigned housing group classification selection time. There will be three Golden Tickets issued. One ticket will be issued for each of the following housing selection dates.

  • April 5, 2023
  • April 12, 2023
  • April 19, 2023


  • All individuals or group members need to complete an on-campus housing application and be confirmed as roommates by March 23, 2023. Individuals and group members who do not complete a housing application by March 23, 2023 are not eligible for the drawing.
  • This ticket does not apply to the application process or permission given for off-campus or commuter status. Students cannot use the Golden Ticket to be granted automatic off-campus or commuter status.
  • There is one Golden Ticket selected per day for all the housing classifications selecting housing that day. The classifications are as follows:
    • All fourth-year groups/individuals
    • All fourth-/third-year groups/individuals
    • All third-year groups/individuals
    • All fourth-/third-/second-year groups/individuals
    • All second-year groups/individuals

Examples of Golden Ticket Drawing
Only one golden ticket will be issued on April 5. The two group classifications scheduled to select housing on April 5 are ALL fourth-year groups and ALL fourth-/third-year groups. As an example, the one ticket drawn on April 5 may be an ALL fourth-year group. The ALL fourth-year group would select their housing 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled time of ALL fourth-year groups. In this example, there would not be another ticket drawing or Golden Ticket issued for the ALL fourth-/third-year groups/individuals classification.

If an ALL fourth-/third-year group received the winning ticket on April 5 instead of the ALL fourth-year group, the ALL fourth-/third-year group would select at the beginning of the ALL fourth-/third-year group selection times on April 5, not at the beginning of ALL fourth-year group.

Housing Classification Appeals
Housing classifications appeals are due by March 17, 2023 . Students cannot appeal for a better time within the same classification year.

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