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Continuing Student On-Campus Housing Options

Once students have confirmed their roommates at the end of the housing application process in late March, group leaders or the individual student must then sign up for specific locations and bedrooms during their assigned lottery date and time. 

Only third-and fourth-year students can apply for Upperclass housing options. Groups that include second year students will not be assigned Upperclass housing. Upperclass housing areas include: Carriage House, College Houses, Doksany Hall, Gries Hall, Hugh Hall, Prémontré Hall, Roggenburg Hall, St. Joseph Hall, Townhouses and Xanten Hall.

For more information on what amenities certain areas provide, visit the living options webpage.

Residential Themed Communities are selected before the lottery housing selection process. These assigned communities are then unavailable for continuing student housing selection.

Below you can find information on the number of students and classification year needed to apply for certain housing areas. Floor plans with bedroom information are available for most areas.

To view floor plans, hover over the the hall name or college house address and open the link. If you are not able to hover over an address, that house does not have viewable floor plans at this time. 

Continuing Student Housing Areas
Hall Room Capacity Classification Year Needed to Apply
Carriage House* 2 or 4 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students
Gries 4 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students
2 or 4 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students
Hugh Hall 1 or 2 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students
Townhouses 6 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students
St. Joseph Hall**
2 Students Third-and Fourth-Year Students

Doksany Hall

Roggenburg Hall

1 to 2 students

Third-and Fourth-Year Students




Burke (large double) 2 students Second-Third-and Fourth-Year Students
Burke (single) 1 student Second-Third-and Fourth-Year Students
MMM (double) 2 or 4 students Second-Third-and Fourth-Year Students
Michels 8 students Second-Year Students
Sensenbrenner (triple) 3 students Second-Third-and Fourth-Year Students
VMC 4 students Second-Third-and Fourth-Year Students
College Houses
Address House Capacity Classification Year Needed to Apply

414 Fourth St.

611 Fourth St.
613 Fourth St.

2 students
Third-and Fourth-Year Students

201 Stewart St.

810 Fourth St.

3 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students

141 Stewart St.

326 Marsh St.

329 Marsh St.

333 Jacobs Ct.

339 Marsh St.
421 Fourth St.
507 Fourth St.
607 Fourth St.

616 Fourth St.

4 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students

208 Pleasant Place

324 Marsh St.

325 Marsh St.
327 Jacobs Ct.

330 College Ave.

413 College Ave.
417 College Ave.

317 Fourth St.
420 Fourth St.
515 Fourth St.
615 Fourth St.
620 Fourth St.
704 Fourth St.

705 Fourth St.
713 Fourth St.

717 Fourth St.
806 Third St.


5 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students

320 Marsh St.

410 Fourth St.

505 Fourth St.

602 Fourth St.
617 Fourth St.

623 Fourth St.

6 students Third-and Fourth-Year Students

*Carriage House apartments offer two-person and four-person apartments. The two-person apartment room numbers are 300, 302 and 303. The four-person apartment room numbers are 101, 201 and 202.

**St. Joseph Hall is first assigned to third-and fourth-year students. If space allows, second-year students may also be assigned to the building.

Lease Options – 9- or 11.5-Month Terms

All housing areas have a nine-month lease except Gries third-floor apartments and Prémontré and Xanten Halls. All apartments on Gries third floor and in Premontre and Xanten Halls have 11.5-month terms. 

If you select one of the 11.5-month apartment options, you will be billed three amounts:

  • The summer portion, billed in June, which covers the summer (June 1) to the start of the fall semester.
  • The fall semester portion covering August to December.
  • The spring portion covering January to May.

Housing costs can be found on the website at http://www.snc.edu.housing.costs.html.

Prémontré and Xanten Halls
All apartments in Prémontré and Xanten Halls will have 11.5-month leases, which begin on June 1, 2022 and end on May 15, 2023. Students who live in Prémontré and Xanten Halls are billed in a three-tiered billing cycle: summer, fall and spring. Each student is responsible for paying for the summer term, even if they are not at St. Norbert College during this time.

Please note that utilities are included in the housing fee.

Third-and fourth-year students apply to live in Prémontré and Xanten in groups of two or four. There are 12 two-bedroom apartments and 15 one-bedroom apartments per building. All of the bedrooms are double occupancy. Groups who have members planning to study abroad or graduate in either the fall or spring semester must have their replacement already selected in order to reside in these halls. Roommates for both semesters (if different) must be listed in the roommate section of the online application.

Gries, Premontre and Xanten Hall Closing and Summer Housing
All students need to be aware that residence halls close on [Saturday, May 11 at 12:00 (noon) p.m.] The Carriage House, College Houses, Doksany, Gries, Hugh Hall, Premontre, Roggenburg, Townhouses, and Xanten close on Monday, May 13 at 6:00 p.m. Students requesting housing after the residence halls and upperclass areas have closed can apply to stay in Burke Hall. Premontre and Xanten open on June 1, 2024.

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