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Graduate students

Financing graduate school

If you choose to continue your college education beyond a bachelor’s degree, we applaud you. We know that navigating graduate school and the finances to pay for it can be complicated. There are so many choices, including how you’ll balance school and work, whether you’ll borrow money — and if you do borrow, how much. Making all of these decisions on your own can be a challenge.

The staff in our office of financial aid are experts in this area. We are here to help educate you on your financing options so that you can build a practical plan to pay for your graduate school tuition and other expenses.

What’s next?

Your first step is to apply and be accepted into one of our graduate programs: Master of Business Administration, Master of Liberal Studies or Master of Theological Studies. In addition, we recommend that you complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA). Graduate students interested in borrowing federal student loans only need to enroll in three credits to be considered.

Many students choose to take advantage of our graduate semester payment plan, which allows them to divide each semester’s tuition and fees into three equal payments.