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Entrepreneurial Experience

The entrepreneurial experience is about acting upon a real entrepreneurial opportunity. Building on the foundation of BUAD 215, students put their ideas into practice by developing and building on key action steps to advance their own venture or to advance projects for existing organizations. This process involves research that engages prospective customers, suppliers, stakeholders, experts, comparable and complementary ventures, and investors. Students are challenged to test ideas and gain a clearer understanding of the interdisciplinary complexities of the entrepreneurial environment. Readings and cases provide supplemental background. The class experience addresses how to build and lead an enterprising new venture. Students set goals and action steps to move their venture forward, working with both external and internal mentors. Students work independently as well as interdependently with other students in the course. Contact time for this course is divided between in-class sessions and out-of-class meetings with the instructor. Prerequisite: BUAD 215. Fall semester.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 4.0