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Integrated Marketing Promotions

This course offers a hands-on approach to business models and proposals. The primary work output will be a viable business and promotion plan. Students will work with regional small businesses and charities. Some of these firms may be associated with the Green Bay Packers Protégé-Mentor Program. This advice will be an integration of formal marketing concepts participants have already been exposed to in BUAD 670. Through a combination of class discussion, individual and group work, participants establish an understanding of how a particular firm faced with challenges needs to adapt in order to succeed. This course’s overriding perspective is entrepreneurial and marketing-centric, with participants applying core management concepts from the marketing field, including value-proposition development, target marketing assessment and strategic response. The course is specifically designed for participants who have a keen interest in strategic formulation and in being a contributing member on a consulting team. Prerequisite: BUAD 670.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 2.0