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Strategic Management Capstone

Managers make significant strategic decisions as part of their jobs as they seek to grow a business. Such decisions may include developing and introducing a new product or process, acquiring another firm, responding to a competitor or to a crisis, forming a strategic alliance, or entering a new market. These decisions are complex and must take all business functions (finance, marketing, management and operations) into consideration. The strategic management process considers the basic direction and goals of an organization, the environment (social, political, technological, economic and global factors), industry and market structure, and organizational resources and capabilities. This course serves as a capstone experience and emphasizes the development and successful implementation of strategy in different types of firms across industries. Case analyses, live business projects and a business simulation are used as learning vehicles. Prerequisites: BUAD 601, 602, 606, 629, 631, 633, 651, and 670.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 4.0