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Conflict Communication

This course examines the forces that generate and influence conflicts and the techniques that can be used to direct these forces toward productive outcomes. This course discusses constructive and destructive conflict, and review a variety of topics relating to conflict in our interpersonal relationships and in our world including gender violence and power. Several premises guide this class. The first premise is that conflict can be positive; constructive management is central to development and growth in interpersonal relationships. The second premise is that people must understand conflicts before they can successfully manage or resolve them. We will analyze conflict as a form of interaction which is developed and managed through communication. Students will develop an understanding of conflict that will enable them to make more strategic choices about their communication in conflict episodes as well as help them assist other societal members to manage their conflicts more productively through creation of a conflict module. Prerequisite: COME 122. Spring semester, alternate years.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 4.0