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Migration, Refugees, and Citizenship: Ethical Foundations

This is a 2-credit course on migration, refugees, and citizenship. We will study these issues through a critical examination of recent literature, as well as through working directly with the affected populations. SNC students will engage in meaningful service by providing mentorship and tutoring for refugees and immigrants as they prepare to take their citizenship exam. This learning environment will encourage SNC students to recognize their personal and social responsibilities by raising their awareness of the experience of immigrants and refugees, as well as their own capacity to address these needs in an impactful way. Note: This is part one of a two-part course (301 & 302). Students can take either or both parts (and in any order). Part one focuses on foundational ethical questions regarding immigration, refugees, and citizenship. Part two will focus on important contemporary discussions of these topics that arise in philosophy, political science, law, sociology, history, and literature. Spring, annually.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 2.0