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Queer Theology

Queer Theology is not—or, at least, is not only—theology told from the perspective of LGBTQ+ people. When properly understood, Queer Theology is a revolutionary frontier in our thinking about the entire theological project. Course participants will explore the contours of this revolution and will ask foundational questions in Christian theology anew: Who is God? Who is Jesus? How should we think of the Church and its mission? Beyond this, we will begin to explore the new geographies opened up by Queer Theology: How do queer identities and sexual practices reveal new frontiers in Christian ethics? How can queer ritual practices revitalize Christianity? What is the future of Christianity for LGBTQ+ people? Course participants will venture their own answers to these questions, both through writing assignments that will allow them to demonstrate effective communication, and through the creation of a reflection service developed in collaboration with insights from performance and liturgical studies. Prerequisite: THRS 117.

Advanced Core Curriculum Designation: CI
Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 4.0