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Men and Masculinities

What does it mean to “Man up!” or “Be A Man!”? Do these expressions have consequences for men and women? Why do men occupy the majority of positions in government leadership and CEO positions in Fortune 500 CEO companies? Is any of this changing? When people say that, “men aren’t what they used to be!” do these people have a firm grasp of history, and what point in history are they referring to? This course will explore these questions and more through an introduction to the sociology of masculinity. While typically, conversations about gender have focused on women, this course will focus on men, their relationships with one another, their relationships with women, and their position in the gendered order. As a women’s and gender studies course, this course will explore systems of inequality that advantage some, and disadvantage others because of their identities. In addition to gender, we will also consider the construction of masculinities along with other identity categories like race, class, religion, dis/ability, age, and sexuality. This course will introduce students to major themes in social justice movements, women’s and gender studies, feminist studies, and sexuality studies within the United States and around the world.

Grade Basis: Letter Grade
Credits: 4.0