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Humans of St. Norbert: Mason VanRossum ‘20
Mason Van Rossum portrait

Humans of St. Norbert: Mason VanRossum ‘20

Humans of St. Norbert:

“I’m in Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE). I joined my first semester of freshman year. That was probably one of the most formative experiences that I’ve had. I came into college kind of unsure of myself – still outgoing. But when I joined, I got a bunch of brothers from different areas of campus and different ages, having an unlimited amount of role models in the group who helped me find and get more confident in who I was. It’s given me life longfriends. Now being one of the older guys in the fraternity, new guys are coming into the fraternity and viewing me the same way. It’s kind of weird knowing that I still don’t have everything figured out and when I was looking at the older guys when I was a first-year, I thought they knew everything. Now, I know they didn’t have everything figured out, either. The group has been very impactful on me. You just do your best to love your brother. Without TKE, I don’t think my college experience would be as fun, memorable or impactful, and I’d be an entirely different person.” – Mason VanRossum ‘20