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Humans of St. Norbert: Braxton Thompson ’21
Portrait of Braxton Thompson

Humans of St. Norbert: Braxton Thompson ’21

Humans of St. Norbert:

“I knew I wanted to be a teacher since fifth grade, but Spanish was something I was really good at in high school. I helped my peers out so I thought, ‘I could probably do this when I get older.’ And here I am!

“Student-teaching has been really nice so far. I teach high school Spanish right now. It’s just level one and two so it’s like teaching English to kindergarteners and first-graders. I get to teach out of my room, but we get to go back in a couple of weeks. We’ll do a blended style so that’s going to be fun to see how that works out. … My favorite part has definitely been making connections with the students and getting my foot into teaching cause I was really nervous about how I was going to be as a teacher and how well I would do. After that first week I was like, ‘This isn’t so bad,’ and then the second week, I was like, ‘I’m actually starting to like this a lot.’

“I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador. I definitely think [that was a valuable experience for me] because you can use that culture and that experience to reaffirm yourself. Like, ‘I was there for four and a half months. I can speak the language well enough to get by or even above that.’ I can then give all of my learned experience to my students, which is basically what teaching is. You are sharing your experience just in a way that they can digest.” – Braxton Thompson ’21