Get the latest FAFSA developments

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been the cause of much chaos and confusion this year. But our financial aid pros at St. Norbert College are staying on top of things, and this page is where you’ll find the very latest on the FAFSA.
The minute there’s new info, we’ll get it onto this page.

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When did the FAFSA become available?

The FAFSA became available on Dec. 31, 2023 (in years past, it was available as early as Oct. 1). If you haven’t filled it out, you can fill it out now. (You may have tried – unsuccessfully – to access the form in early January. The government took it offline several times during that period to make corrections. Those issues have been resolved, however, and you should have no issues with access.)


When will SNC receive my FAFSA information?

Exciting news! St. Norbert College began receiving student FAFSA information from the Department of Education in late March. We are working as expediently as possible to review this information as it comes in and provide financial aid offers to students.


I received an error notice from FAFSA. Now what?

Many students are receiving notices that their FAFSA applications have errors to correct before information can be sent to colleges. The federal government has indicated that students are now able to go in and make corrections. If you have received an error notice, please make these corrections as soon as possible to minimize any further delays and to ensure we’re able to begin work on your aid offer.


How long after you get my data will you make me a financial aid offer?

Honest answer? As soon as humanly possible. In other years, we have been able to process FAFSA data over an extended period of months. This year, the timeframe is tremendously compressed, and our staff is faced with long hours and heavy workloads. But they’re very good at what they do, and the team continues to put together these offers as quickly as possible. This is uncharted territory.


I was accepted to SNC, but I can’t commit until I know how much aid I'll get. Do I risk having my acceptance withdrawn?

Absolutely not. We’ll honor your admission offer until you’ve had time to receive our financial aid offer and give it careful consideration. We've extended our deposit deadline from May 1 to June 1.


Can I at least get SOME idea now of what aid I may receive?

Yes. If you are an incoming student, we can give you an estimated financial aid offer. It’s not binding; the whole reason the FAFSA is so important is to give us a reliable baseline for assessing your needs. But an estimate can at least put you in the ballpark in terms of your expectations. Call us at 920-403-3005 or email us at if you’d like an estimate, and we’ll get the ball rolling.


I still have a lot of questions …

Well, you’re not alone there! But really, talk to us: We share your frustration with the situation, but we also welcome the opportunity to do what we do best – help you figure things out. Just call us at 920-403-3005 or email us at


Hey, don’t forget about me! I’m a current SNC student, and I have FAFSA questions, too.

We got you. Call the financial aid office at 920-403-3071 or email us at We’ll answer your questions and share what we know.


With all of these changes, how do I make sure I have the latest information?

Just bookmark this page and check back for the latest information. If more updates occur that affect the FAFSA process, we will share here.