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First-Year Student Living Options

Gertrude S. Bergstrom Hall
Bergstrom Hall is a coeducational hall, located on the north side of campus overlooking the Fox River. The three-story coeducational hall houses a total of 80 students, providing residence to first-year students in the Honors Program. Students living in Bergstrom are required to have the Platinum (unlimited) Meal Plan.

Mary Minahan McCormick Hall (MMM)
Mary Minahan McCormick Hall (MMM) offers six floors of suite-style housing. Four students share a suite made of two rooms connected by a private bathroom. MMM contains one large newly renovated study lounge, located on the first floor of the hall. This housing option is available to first, second, third and fourth year students. First year students living in Mary Minahan McCormick Hall are required to have the Platinum (unlimited) Meal Plan.

Madelaine/Lorraine Hall
Madelaine/Lorraine Hall (Mad/Lor) is a coeducational hall divided down the center. Men occupy the west side of the hall (Madelaine) and women reside in Lorraine, the east side. Madelaine and Lorraine are joined by a common first-floor lobby and a shared basement housing a recreation room, study lounges and laundry facilities. Students living in Madelaine/Lorraine are required to have the Platinum (unlimited) Meal Plan.

Frank J. Sensenbrenner Hall
Sensenbrenner Hall is the only all female residence hall on campus. Sensenbrenner also houses the Children’s Center and the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Students living in Sensenbrenner are required to have the Platinum (unlimited) Meal Plan. 

*Costs for first-year living options are listed online
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