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Abigail Trollinger

Assistant Professor of History

B.A., Goshen College
M.A., Northwestern University
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Programs: History

Abigail Trollinger studies American urban and social welfare history, and especially the ways that reformers and workers articulated their beliefs and goals to impact social welfare policy. She is also interested in the relationships between social workers and their “clients,” which were multifaceted and often highly contested.

Trollinger teaches courses on poverty and social welfare policy, immigration, and women’s and gender history. She is also a firm advocate of bringing research and teaching into conversation with practice, so she teaches a methods course that includes archival research, as well as several courses that include community engagement.

HIST 114 History of the United States I
HIST 115 History of the United States II
HIST 389 American Immigration History
HIST 324 Poverty, Charity, and Welfare in U.S. History
HIST 389 Women and Gender in U.S. History

Recent Publications
Becoming Entitled: Relief, Unemployment, and Reform During the Great Depression, (Temple University Press, Fall 2020)

“Revealing the ‘social consequences of unemployment’: The Settlement Campaign for Unemployment Insurance in the Twenties,” the Journal of Social History, Volume 52, Issue 4, (Summer 2019), Pages 1250–1280

“Women and Gender History,” chapter in The Routledge History of the 20 th Century United States, June 2018
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