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AnaMaria Seglie Clawson

Assistant Professor of English

B.A., Creighton University
M.A., Rice University
Ph.D., Rice University

Programs: English

AnaMaria Seglie Clawson is an assistant professor of English that specializes in early American literature, and teaches courses in writing as well as early and contemporary U.S. literature.

Her research takes up critical questions surrounding transnationalism, religion, race, gender and genre, and she has published on the work of authors such as George Lippard, George Washington Cable and Henry James. A study of anti-Catholicism and U.S. imperialism, her current book project entitled “Sacred Dominion”, analyzes how nineteenth-century American literature created a lasting partnership between religious intolerance and U.S. geopolitics.

ENGL 150 Introduction to Literary Studies: American Horror Stories
ENGL 221 American Short Story
ENGL 235 Survey of U.S. Literature I (Beginnings – 1865)
ENGL 240 Modern Catholic Fiction
ENGL/WMGS 310 Race and Sex in Contemporary U.S. Literature
ENGL 317 From Fiction to Film: 19th Century American Novel
ENGL 389 Special Topics (Americans Abroad: Travel and American Literature)
ENGL 489 Advanced Seminar in Literary Studies: Hawthorne and James
MLS 503 Transnational American Literature

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