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Andrew O’Connor
andrew oconnor

Andrew O'Connor

Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
Theology and Religious Studies920-403-2907

Andrew O’Connor brings a unique focus to his role as an assistant professor of theology and religious studies at St. Norbert College. O’Connor’s chief academic interest is the Qur’an and its relationship to Jewish and Christian traditions in Late Antiquity. He has led a group of students to both Rome, Italy, and Amman, Jordan, for a global seminar on interfaith relations.

O’Connor presents frequently at conferences across the United States. He has also presented at Oxford in the U.K., Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Sicily. Most notably, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Amman, Jordan, for the 2017-18 academic year.

  • THRS 117 Theological Foundations
  • THRS 313 Interfaith Leadership in America
  • THRS 339 World Scriptures
  • THRS 340 World Religions in Dialogue
  • THRS 343 Muslim-Christian Theologies in Dialogue
  • THRS 350 Christianity and Religious Diversity
  • THRS 389/311 Interfaith Relations in the Middle East
  • THEO 5578 Theologies of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue

  • B.A. – University of Wisconsin-Madison (History)
  • M.A. – University of Chicago (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Ph.D. – University of Notre Dame (Theology-World Religions and World Church)

  • Qur'anic studies
  • The Qur'an and the Bible
  • Early Islam
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Comparative theology

The Prophetic Vocation in the Qur'an (monograph project in progress)

“Saul, David, and Solomon,” in Biblical Traditions in the Qur’an, edited by Marianna Klar and Nicolai Sinai. Princeton: Princeton University Press (Forthcoming).

“Prophet of the Mythos: H.P. Lovecraft, Muḥammad, and Arabic Scriptures,” in Theology and H.P. Lovecraft, edited by Austin Freeman. Theology & Pop Culture. Lanham: Fortress Academic, 2022. 243-269.

“Obeying God and His Messenger: Medinan Prophetology in the Meccan Qur’an?” in Unlocking the Medinan Qur’an, edited by Nicolai Sinai. Leiden: Brill, 2022. 288-312.

“Qurʾānic Covenants Reconsidered: mīthāq and ʿahd in Polemical Context,” Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 30, no. 1 (2019): 1-22.