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Anh Sy Huy Le
anh syhuyle

Anh Le

Assistant Professor of History

Anh Le is an assistant professor of history at St. Norbert College, specializing as a social and political historian of modern Vietnam and Sino-Southeast Asian relations. He takes joy in conversing with students about Asia, learning new languages and conducting overseas historical research.

His research explores the interlinked dynamics and tensions between migratory networks, colonial capitalism and urbanization. He has published widely on topics ranging from trans-Pacific Chinese migration and historiography to transnational Chinese capitalism and epidemiology.

  • HIST 122 Introduction to Modern East Asia
  • HIST 213 The Vietnam War, 1900-Present (Global Seminar and History Method seminar)
  • HIST 361 Modern China
  • HIST 323 Global & Comparative History of Empire
  • HIST 368 A History of Asian America

  • B.A. – Wabash College
  • Ph.D. – Michigan State University

  • Modern East Asia
  • Chinese Diaspora
  • Global Migration
  • Colonialism & Empire
  • Capitalism & Political Economy
  • Urbanization

Le, Anh Sy Huy, "Mortal Remains as Biohazards: Chinese Repatriation, Plague Epidemiology, and Biopolitical Governance in Saigon-Cholon, 1890-1895," Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Vol. 18, Issue 1-2 ("Biopolitics in Vietnam"), pp. 15-60.

Le, Anh Sy Huy, "Trade, Colonialism, and Diaspora: Chinese Rice Commerce and the Transformation of Saigon-Cholon in Colonial Vietnam," Chapters on Asia: Selected Papers from the Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowships (2020), Singapore: National Library Board, 2021.

Le, Anh Sy Huy, "The Studies of Chinese Diaspora in Colonial Southeast Asia: Theories, Concepts, and Histories," China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies, No. 2 (December 20, 2019): 225-63. Find here