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Charles Jacobs

Associate Professor of Political Science

A.B., Kenyon College 
M.A., University of Akron 
Ph.D., University of Connecticut 

Programs: Political Science and Pre-Law

Charley Jacobs is an Associate Professor of Judicial Process and American Politics.

His current research is a collaborative effort with St. Norbert professors of political science Dave Wegge and Wendy Scattergood that explores the public’s preference and perception of the selection of judges to state courts. Additionally, Jacobs continues his work on the policymaking capacity of state courts in the arena of public school integration. He has also conducted research on the doctrinal perspectives of United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer regarding the rights of the criminally accused under the Constitution.

In addition to his classroom work, Jacobs serves as the academic coach for the St. Norbert mock trial team and is the campus pre-law advisor.

POLI 130 United States Politics and Government 
POLI 248 Trial Advocacy
POLI 249 Mock Trial
POLI 317 American Political Thought  
POLI 337 Courts and Justice in the U.S.
POLI 341 Constitutional Law I 
POLI 342 Constitutional Law II 
POLI 343 Administrative Law
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