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Christina Mirisis
christina mirisis

Christina Mirisis

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Modern Languages + Literatures920-403-2911

Christina Mirisis is an assistant professor of Spanish who has been a member of the St. Norbert College faculty since 2017. She teaches Spanish language courses at all levels, including upper-level Spanish linguistics courses within the field of Hispanic linguistics. Mirisis specializes in second language (L2) acquisition and phonology, with her current research focusing on the acquisition of Spanish and Italian phonology by university-level second language learners.

Mirisis has presented papers at a number of national and international conferences, including the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, and American Association for Applied Linguistics.

  • SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish 1
  • SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish 2
  • SPAN 103 Accelerated Elementary Spanish
  • SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish 1
  • SPAN 300 Making Connections: Conversation, Composition and Culture
  • SPAN 300 CENG Making Connections: Conversation, Composition, and Culture with Community Engagement/Service-Learning
  • SPAN 311 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN 389 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPAN 389 CENG Spanish in the U.S. with Community Engagement/Service-Learning

  • B.A. – The College of New Jersey
  • M.A. – University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Ph.D. – University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

  • Applied linguistics
  • Second language acquisition
  • Second language (L2) phonology
  • Community engagement/academic service-learning
  • Spanish sociolinguistics
  • Spanish in the United States
  • History of the Spanish language

Peer-reviewed articles:
Mirisis, C. A. (2022). Revisiting the effect of speech style on L2 acquisition of Spanish voiceless stops. International Journal of Language and Linguistics, 9(3), 44-59.

Mirisis, C. A. (2020). Production and perception of Spanish voiced stops and approximants by L2 learners. Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition, 8(4), 79-110.

Mirisis, C. A. (2019). L2 acquisition of Spanish stress in segmentally identical words. Hispanic Studies Review, 4(1), 98-120.

Rogers, B. M. A., & Mirisis, C. A. (2018). Voiceless stop lenition and reduction as linguistic and social phenomena in Concepción, Chile. Borealis: An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics, 7(2), 187-215.

Invited book reviews:
Mirisis, C. A., & Wright, S. (2022, March). [Review of the book Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish, by C. Donato, C. J. Oliva, M. Romero, & D. Zappador Guerra]. NECTFL Review, 88, 69-72.

Mirisis, C. A. (2020, November). [Review of the book Punto y aparte: Spanish in Review – Moving Toward Fluency, by S. Foerster & A. Lambright]. NECTFL Review, 86, 95-99.

Mirisis, C. A. (2018, September). [Review of the book Un buon affare: Italian for Business, by G. Tassone]. NECTFL Review, 82, 76-80.