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David Poister

Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science

B.S., Saint Francis College 
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Programs: Chemistry, Environmental Science

My area of specialization is environmental chemistry with a particular interest in the biogeochemistry and chemical ecology of aquatic systems. My early work focused on factors that influence nutrient element sedimentation in Trout Lake, Vilas County, Wis. These studies indicated that the rate of sedimentation in the lake was influenced by the presence of Aulacoseira, a colony-forming centric diatom. Sedimentation in Trout Lake was highest in spring when Aulacoseira was abundant and formed large colonies.

I am currently trying to understand the chemical and biological factors that lead to the formation of the large Aulacoseira colonies that drive sedimentation. I continue to do field-based projects at Trout Lake and have recently measured patterns of Aulacoseira growth closer to home in the Fox River and Green Bay. In addition, I use lab-based experiments to assess the impact of various chemical conditions on Aulacoseira growth rates and colony formation.

CHEM 105 General Chemistry 1 
CHEM 107 General Chemistry 2 
CHEM 211 Quantitative Analysis 
ENVS 300 Environmental Science 
ENVS 310 Environmental Chemistry

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