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Eric Hagedorn
eric hagedorn

Eric Hagedorn

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Eric Hagedorn is an associate professor of philosophy at St. Norbert College. He specializes in the history of philosophy and logic. Hagedorn has taught courses in both the philosophy and computer science programs. He has been published widely, focusing on the philosophy of the latter middle ages. He also serves as the co-director of faculty development at the college.

  • PHIL 120 Philosophical Foundations
  • PHIL 213 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL 300 Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 322 Aquinas's Philosophical Theology
  • CSCI 150 Introduction to Discrete Structures

  • B.S. – Iowa State University
  • M.A. – University of Notre Dame
  • Ph.D. – University of Notre Dame

  • Medieval philosophy
  • Early modern philosophy
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of religion

“Heavenly ‘Freedom’ in Fourteenth-Century Voluntarism” in Voluntarism in Early Modern Philosophy, eds. Sonja Schierbaum and Jörn Müller, Routledge Press (2023)

William of Ockham: Questions on Virtue, Moral Goodness, and the Will, editor and translator, Cambridge University Press (2021)

“The Changing Role of Theological Authority in Ockham’s Razor,” Res Philosophica 99.2 (2022)

“On Loving God Contrary to a Divine Command: Demystifying Ockham’s Quodlibet III.14,” Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy 9 (2021)

“Thomas Aquinas through the 1350s,” in The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Ethics, ed. Thomas Williams. Cambridge University Press (2018)

“Ockham’s Scientia Argument for Mental Language,” Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy 3 (2015)