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Huang-wen Lai
huang-wen lai

Huang-wen Lai

Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Languages
Modern Languages + Literatures920-403-3966

Huang-wen Lai is a visiting assistant professor of Asian languages at St. Norbert College. He specializes in modern Japanese language, literature and culture. Lai has taught about these topics at various universities. He is an author and keen investigator of Japanese literature and culture, especially as it relates to the effect of colonialism on the Japanese during a key period in the early 20th century.

  • ART 131 Introduction to studio art
  • ART 134 Introduction to drawing
  • ART 224 Beginning sculpture
  • ART 225 Beginning ceramics
  • ART 310 Global art history
  • ART 324 Intermediate sculpture
  • ART 337 Winter in Rome
  • ART 351 Ceramic studio
  • ART 425 Topics in clay
  • ART 424 Advanced sculpture
  • ART 480 Advanced studio
  • HNRS 389 Museum as classroom

  • B.A. – Fu Jen Catholic University
  • M.A. – Fu Jen Catholic University
  • M.A. – Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania

  • Modern Japanese literature and culture
  • Japanese colonial literature
  • Japanese cinema
  • Japanese history
  • Japanese language
  • Modern Chinese literature
  • Chinese cinema
  • Chinese language
  • Modern Taiwanese literature

Lai, Huang-wen. 2023. “Landscape in Binary: National Identity, Literary Modernity, and Satō Haruo’s Adventure in Colonial Taiwan.” American Journal of Chinese Studies 30 (1): 1–15.

Lai, Huang-wen. “Introduction.” In Japanese Myth Stories 日本神話. Taipei: Howdo Publisher, 2017, p. 4-8.

Kurogane, Hiroshi. Sakamoto Ryōma 坂本龍馬. Translated by Wei-yang Hong and Huang-wen Lai. Taipei: Yuan-Liou Publishing, 2009.