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Leah Toth
leah toth

Leah Toth

Assistant Professor of English

Leah Toth is an assistant professor of English who specializes in 20th-century film, literature and sound studies. Her work in film focuses on the formal aspects of music and sound design within historical contexts. Her article on American jazz musicians as the cultural wellspring for Stanley Kramer’s depiction of white hipsters in his 1953 film, “The Wild One,” was published as the retrospective feature in the Journal of Popular Film and Television.

Toth piloted the first formal film studies course at St. Norbert College in 2019 and she's currently developing more specialized film courses for English majors, minors and media studies minors. She also hopes to convince her students that Samuel Beckett is “the Shakespeare of the 20th century” and admits that this is a far more difficult task than she had anticipated.

  • ENGL 150 Introduction to Literature: Sound and Music in Modern Narratives
  • ENGL 210 Introduction to Film
  • ENGL 212 The Modern British Novel
  • ENGL 226 Survey of English Literature II: Blake to the Present
  • ENGL 314 Modern Drama
  • ENGL 389 Rock 'n' Roll Movies
  • ENGL 489 Advanced Seminar in Literary Studies: James Joyce

  • B.S. – Troy University
  • M.A. – University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • Ph.D. – University of Kentucky