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Michelle Schoenleber

Associate Professor of Psychology 

B.A., Psychology, Marquette University 
Ph.D., Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Clinical Internship/Post-doctoral Fellowship,
University of Mississippi Medical Center & G. V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center

Programs: Psychology

As a clinical psychologist, Schoenleber’s program of research focuses on the motivational nature of emotion and its connection with personality in the onset and maintenance of psychopathology. Much of her research examines how shame – a self-conscious emotion that people experience when unwanted outcomes are attributed to personal inadequacies – contributes to a wide range of mental and physical health outcomes (e.g., self-injurious behavior, personality disorders). As part of this work, Schoenleber is also developing and examining the transdiagnostic utility of cognitive-behavioral treatments that target shame.

As an avid football fan, Schoenleber also conducts the NFL Fandom Study, which launched during the 2015 regular season. The NFL Fandom Study explores the qualities, experiences and behaviors of football fans – especially, but not limited to, Green Bay Packers fans.

For more information on Schoenleber and the research being completed in the Personality, Emotion, & Psychopathology Research (PEPR) Lab, visit

PSYC 100 General Psychology
PSYC 212 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 312 Personality Psychology
PSYC 345 Psychological Interventions with Laboratory
PSYC 395 Professional Issues
PSYC 495 Internship & Professional Issues

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