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Nicholas Mauro

Assistant Professor of Physics

B.A., Lawrence University
M.A., Washington University
Ph.D., Washington University

Programs: Physics

Physics is the pursuit of new knowledge, new technology and the application of the two. My research and teaching all model this idea. I’m a materials physicist using x-rays and neutrons to understand how systems behave at the nanoscopic scale all the way up to the macroscope scale – what we see every day. In my view, students, faculty, St. Norbert College and society in general benefits the most when we ask difficult questions and employ scientific and critical thinking to begin to answer these questions.

My teaching interests are wide ranging, but I enjoy teaching all aspects of experimental physics, including laboratory techniques, measurement science and physical and digital electronics, and particularly enjoy teaching quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. One of my recent interests is working to get computation integrated into all levels of the physics curriculum. Computational and numerical techniques, broadly defined as using computers to help solve problems and understand physical systems, is a critical element in any physics program.

My current research focused on trying to understand the connections between liquid structure and phase transformations. I work in two systems: 1) Ionic liquids, which are used in the next generation of ion battery and 2) Metallic alloys, which can be almost infinitely tailored to any application but whose richness in behavior makes them very interesting and difficult to study. Students play a huge role in my work and I always have at least one researcher in my lab tackling these challenging problems.

Come talk physics with me!

PHYS 111 Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS 112 Fundamentals of Physics 2
PHYS 211 Classical Mechanics 
PHYS 311 Thermal Physics
NSCI 315 Climate Change
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